打ち上げ予定時刻は7月6日9:36:41 p.m. (EDT)ということですから、日本時間では7月7日の10:36:41a.m.となります。


3:36 p.m.        Crew departs hotel (L-6 hrs)
3:51 p.m.        Batteries installed in booster (L-5 hrs, 45 min)
4:06 p.m.        State Commission “Go” (L-5 hrs, 30 min)
4:21 p.m.        Crew arrives at Bldg 254 / Final medical check-ups
4:36 p.m.        Tanking begins (L-5 hrs)
5:06 p.m.        Crew suit up (L-4 hrs, 30 min)
5:31 p.m.        Booster loaded with liquid Oxygen (L-4 hrs, 5 min)
6:06 p.m.        Crew greets family and friends (L-3 hrs, 30 min)
6:31 p.m.        1st and 2nd stage O2 fueling complete (L-3 hrs, 5 min)
6:36 p.m.        Crew walkout (L-3 hrs)
6:41 p.m.        Crew departs for pad – Site 1 (L-2 hrs, 55 min)
7:01 p.m.        Crew arrives at launch pad – Site 1 (L-2 hrs, 35 min)
7:11 p.m.        Crew boards Soyuz MS-01 (L-2 hr, 25 min)
7:36 p.m.        Crew in re-entry vehicle (L-2 hrs)
8:01 p.m.        Re-entry vehicle hardware tested/suits ventilated
8:16 p.m.        Hatch closed; leak checks begin (L-1 hr, 20 min)
8:30 p.m.       NASA TV:     Launch coverage begins
8:36 p.m.        Launch vehicle control system prep; gyros active (L-1 hr)
8:40 p.m.       NASA TV:     Crew pre-launch activities (B-roll)
8:51 p.m.        Pad service structure components lowered (L-45 min)
8:52 p.m.        Clamshell-like gantry service towers retracted
8:59 p.m.        Suit leak checks; re-entry vehicle testing complete
9:02 p.m.        Emergency escape system armed (L-34 min)
9:21 p.m.        Suit leak checks complete; escape system to auto
9:26 p.m.        Gyros “uncaged” and recorders activated (L-10 min)
9:29 p.m.        Pre-launch operations complete (L-7 min)
9:30 p.m.        Final launch countdown operations to auto (L-6 min)
Launch complex/vehicle systems ready
9:31 p.m.        Commander’s controls active/helmets closed (L-5 min)
Launch key inserted
9:32 p.m.        Combustion chamber nitrogen purge (L-4 min)
9:33 p.m.        Booster propellant tank pressurization (drainback)
9:35 p.m.        Ground propellant feed terminated (L-90 seconds)
9:35:41 p.m.  Vehicle to internal power (L-60 seconds)
9:36:06 p.m.   Auto sequence start (L-35 seconds)
First umbilical tower separates
9:36:11 p.m.  3rd stage ground power umbilical separates (L-30 sec)
9:36:26 p.m.  Second umbilical tower separates (L-15 sec)
9:36:29 p.m.  Launch command issued (L-12 sec)
Central/side pod engines start
9:36:31 p.m.  Engine turbopumps at flight speed (L-10 sec)
9:36:36 p.m.  Engines at maximum thrust (L-5 sec)
9:36:41 p.m. LAUNCH (1 hr, 28 min after sunrise)
ISS 254 miles up and above southern Cameroon near border with Equatorial Guinea
9:45:26 pm   Orbital insertion (L+8 min, 45 sec)


11:30 p.m.     NASA TV: Docking coverage begins
12:12 am        Docking to MRM1 –“Rassvet”
2:30 a.m.       NASA TV: Coverage resumes
2:50 a.m.        Hatches scheduled to open